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Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron enjoyed a peaceful stroll in Malibu, while holding hands and gazing into each others eyes, but Vanessa Hudgens is a badass. Somebody hold me. In her new movie, Sucker Punch, Vanessa is kicking butts and taking names. Totally different from the innocence of High School Musical, Vanessa tells MTV ‘I have a movie called ‘Sucker Punch’ coming out in 2011 that Zack Snyder directed, and I’m very excited about it because I finally get to be an extreme badass and kick butt,’ She continues. ‘I get to shoot a .50-cal gun, which is a gun that’s on the back of a tank that’s in the Army. It’s intense. It’s just the most thrilling thing a person can ever do is shoot that gun.’ 

Sorry Zac, but Vanessa can shoot my gun any day. Dear God, can I be Zac Efron for a day? How about 30 minutes?

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