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If any of you are following Teyana Taylor or Tila Tequila on Twitter, then you might have seen these two going back and forth for a couple of days now. 

It all started when Tila went on a rampage about the charges on Shawne Merriman being dropped and even added Chris Brown into the mix:


Soon afer Tila vented, Teyana got wind of it and spoke on the situation:



After a couple days of it dying down, Tila released a statement on her website. Here’s a little snippet:

So I have been hearing all week from random people that Trina(some of you may know her, but a lot of you I’m sure don’t who she is), you all might remember her back in the days who had hits with another rapper named ‘TRICK DADDY.’  Anyway, I myself am not too familiar with who Trina is, but all I know is that I used to be a huge fan of her music back when I was in highschool when she was rapping on Trick Daddy records. It’s been a while so I’m not sure what she has been up to lately, as I haven’t heard much about her, but all I know is that I used to be a fan back in the day. Then there is this other girl, Teyana Taylor.  Again, I have to admit, I had NO IDEA who Teyana Taylor was.  I didn’t know if she was a model, musician, a socialite, or just someone who hangs out with famous people, so I honestly had to google her name to find out more about her, and whatya know? Alas, she is a musician and has a single out called ‘GOOGLE ME’ ironic ain’t it?’

After reading what Tila wrote, Teyana went off-AGAIN.

There’s definitely drama brewing between these two..stay tuned to GG to keep up with it. 

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