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The FBI released the list of the 25 most deadliest cities in the United States.  People we must stop the violence, in a country where guns outnumber the people, this is not surprising. Twenty five cities are on this list, deadly violence has taken over this country like never before, and from coast to coast violence has taken overtaken our neighborhoods, from Long Beach CA to Newark NJ, from Milwaukee WI to Jacksonville FL violence has showed its ugly head.  Is your city on the list? Is your city affected by violence? Check out the list of the 25 most deadliest cities in America.

Jacksonville (FL) 25

Santa Ana (CA) 24

Oklahoma City (OK) 23

Long Beach (CA) 22

Nashville-Davidson County (TN) 21


Louisville-Jefferson County (KY) 20

Milwaukee (WI) 19

Pittsburgh (PA) 18

Dallas (TX) 17

Houston (TX) 16


Chicago (IL) 15

Miami (FL) 14

Tulsa (OK) 13

Atlanta (GA) 12

Cincinnati (OH) 11

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