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Southern girl, friend, daughter, sister, mommy, director….whatever moniker you give/call me, i will always be YOLANDE.

Taking a leap of faith, two years ago, I left a great job (VP of Video Production at Atlantic Records) working with some amazing people and talented artists to embark in a male dominated field.  The first question is always the same thing…’why did you leave’.  My answer,
‘I needed MORE from ME… creatively’.

Women are often belittled for playing minimally dressed video girls oroften intimidated by the artist and/or peers in the entertainment industry.  I just wanted to have MY scenes (bodies of work) play out a bit differently.

When looking at the things I create, I would be known as a narrative director, one who like to tell stories, through the artists lyrics. Now don’t get me wrong, I can do what is normally seen in most videos, but it still will have something signature of me.

In a short period of time I have had the opportunity to direct a plethora of popular artists/people (Plies, Trey Songz, Estelle, Tracy Chapman, Angela/Vanessa Simmons and Teairra Mari to name a few) and it has been an amazing start on this ‘new’ journey.

All in all, I would like to say, ‘I have an amazing team that takes care of, helps, and pushes me to be the best director I can be and I could not thank them enough’.  They keep me humble and I am truly grateful for each and every one of them and all the opportunities that life brings me.

This is just a start to OUR new beginning.

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Twitter: YolandeG