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I’m a 90’s girl

When you think of the 90’s music era you can’t help but to notice it gave birth to some of the hottest platinum artists in the game (SWV, Jade, Jodeci, Faith Evans, etc). Artists who are struggling to get the attention of the listening public now, were heavy spinners on radio, some selling 20,000 plus records a week in the stores. But what the hell happened? Where did that real R&B music go? In my opinion, and I’m sure millions will agree with me, is that the best thing that could have happened with music was the freedom to be able to pick and chose what genre of music you want to listen to. Radio now is fluttered with what I consider “Kindergarten snacks”, where the artist just gives you a lollipop  and some bubble gum, but the real music fans are still left waiting for a real meal. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some new school artists that I can appreciate, but it’s for the moment, they are not artists that I would wanna hear years from now. Something is really wrong with that picture. I refuse to believe that real music is dead and there is no solid place for those “real” artists, songwriters and producers. We as the listening and buying public are responsible for what we want to hear, and the artists we want to see. It’s important that we keep the 90’s music alive and support our local underground artists who are getting lost in the shuffle. We are not going to the stores buying real music, but rather sit our asses in the hair salons and barber shops waiting for the bootleg copy. Come on guys lets request, “Weak”, “Forever my Lady’ and all of those great 90’s songs that “YOU” made number one.
Love Always,
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