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Earlier this week I talked to our home girl Aubrey O’Day. Once the bad girl of Diddy’s Making The Band Show, she will now be the starring in her own reality show on The Oxygen Network. According to MTV an executive at Oxygen said that the show will likely resonate with fans who’ve watched O’Day’s career rise and fall over the past six years.

Fall is exactly what happened to Aubrey‘s career. She was fired on national television by the most powerful and famous man in the world. She’s watched her former group member Dawn go on to be a part of the very successful Dirty Money, and she was being hated on by everyone. Despite all of this Aubrey O’Day has scratched and clawed her way back to where she started, as a reality TV star. Doing something that almost no one has done before make it back after being dropped by Diddy. 

Check out my interview Aubrey and read her words from wanting to quit, to having regrets and of course a lot more about her new reality show on The Oxygen Network

Aubrey On Diddy and Making The Band: ‘I never realized how much Diddy and that entire Making The Band situation shielded us from and took care of  us. I mean I had no idea what was going on until I had to step out there on my own with nobody protecting me. It is a whole other ball game. I mean we had everything handed to us in that situation and we really mostly could focus on our talent and focus on the enjoyment of what we were doing even though we (Danity Kane) still found ways to not do that.’



Aubrey O’Day On The Hard Days: ‘I’m never going to front like there has never been hard days, there have been many hard days and I think for anyone in this industry there’s ups and there’s downs. I just quoted one of Jay-Z’s songs the other day, the Hollywood song. It said something like the only thing that matters in the industry is where you’re sitting when it stops and there’s a lot of reality to that. And not even just in like a physical way, but in a mental way. You really have to be able to handle the ups and the downs and you have to be able to get yourself right.’

Aubrey O’Day on Working w/ The Women of Oxygen: ‘When I went in to meet with Oxygen it was a room full of women and they were just so interesting and supportive and understanding that a woman can be many things. There isn’t any one saying that I am over anyone else and I really thing that that’s such a strong message for women to understand. Women are not just one thing you know and White women aren’t one thing and Black women aren’t one thing and in general even the female on female crimes that are going on now a days it’s just an easy way to sum up what somebody else is feeling in their heart vs. the reality of what women really are.’



Aubrey O’Day on Working Hard On Her Comeback: ‘It doesn’t matter where you’re at when the jobs don’t come or the jobs get taken away from you or you have to fight to find

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