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TMZ revealed today that, according to rumors, Timbaland’s family was worried about a possible suicide attempt by the rapper/producer after he found out that a $2 million dollar watch was stolen from him. Timbaland’s family called the LA county police department to track the star down after Timbaland went out for a drive and did not return home.

In an effort to clear up the rumors, Timbaland spoke to TMZ, saying, ‘The only thing I did was take a drive to figure out how to handle it,’ referring to the theft.

He also said that he wasn’t disturbed by the dollar figure stolen by him, saying, ‘I can buy another piece (like the one) that was stolen.’ What really upset him were the speculations that someone close to him committed the crime. 

Committing suicide over a $2million dollar watch might be a little extreme, then again paying that much for a wrist accessory is extreme in itself. So, that got us at GlobalGrind thinking, which other celebs own bling that’s both expensive and nice enough to, figuratively, die for. 



Lil John paid an estimated $300,000 to let everyone know that, ‘Crunk Aint Dead’ 



Grill master Paul Wall sells his creations for tens of thousands of dollars. 



Kanye West is no stranger to over-the-top accessories as he proves once again by sporting a $300,000 Jacob & Co necklace.



Some of the most expensive engagement rings – 

1) Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring given to her by hubby Marc Anthony, 

Estimated Cost: $5 million

2) Seal gave Heidi Klum a $1.5 million engagement ring

3) Mariah Carey’s ring from husband Nick Cannon.

Estimated Cost: $2.5 million

4) Victoria Beckham’s $1 million ring given to her by David Beckham

5) Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring from Ben Affleck cost an estimated $3 million

6) Jay-Z gave this $5 million dollar ring to Beyonce 




Rapper 50 Cent owns countless diamond necklaces, watches and bracelets 



The world’s most expensive bra – modeled by Victoria’s Secret’s Gisele Bundchen – is a ruby encrusted $15 million piece of lingerie




Pharrell Williams was quoted as saying, ‘I don’t understand bling – I never wore any,’ opting here for a more creative necklace, which he designed himself



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