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The big news right now is the possibility that the government will actually close up shop. Unfortunately, that might mean Uncle Sam could withhold that tax return money you’ve been looking forward to getting!

With the U.S. government officially on the verge of shutting down, nothing has been on the minds of Americans more than Uncle Sam. Your favorite rappers are no exception.

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GlobalGrind decided to take a look at some of the funniest and deepest rap lyrics about all things political. You might be surprised by some of the MCs who show up on here. And because we don’t want a visit from Big Brother, we must make it clear that GlobalGrind is wholeheartedly supportive of the Obama administration and the U.S. government!

Nicki Minaj: “All I Do Is Win (Remix)”

The current queen of hip-pop is known for keeping listeners pressing rewind.

“Yo, all I do is win aint that the reason that you really mad/undisputed hailing all the way from Trinidad/I aint mad Ma, I see you with your bummy swag/I’m in that money green Jag lot of money bags/I told Khaled that you the best but I’m the bestest/better run for cover if your name is on my checklist/you can talk slick all the way down to the welfare/ask the IRS, b*tch, I’m paying for your healthcare.” 


Lil Wayne: “Let the Beat Build”

Not only does Weezy name drop Uncle Sam but he also takes a swipe at Pam from “Martin”:

“You ain’t a soldier ask Uncle Sam/Hair nappy like Pam.”


Kanye West: “We Don’t Care”

These lyrics from the first joint on Kanye’s unforgettable “College Dropout” album sum up life on the grind in hard times.

“The second verse is for my dogs working 9 to 5/That still hustlecause a n*gga can’t shine off $6.55/And everybody selling makeup, Jacob’s/And bootlegged tapes just to get they cake up/We put sh*t on layaway, then come back/We claim other people kids on our income tax.

50 Cent: “How To Rob”
50 Cent’s “How To Rob” really put the Queens MC on the map. As a four and a half-minute song about robbing artists in the music industry, it isn’t really political, but in a funny way it does capture the mindset of some hungry artists out there willing to get paper by any means necessary.

Lupe Fiasco: “Kids With Guns”

Listen to Lupe and you’re almost guaranteed to learn something. This song, about how easy it is for kids to get their hands on guns, should be heard by everyone.

“Lil Sarah gotta gun from her Uncle Sam/She got armor piercing rounds and her gun dont jam.” 


Rick Ross: “Where My Money (I Need That)”

In this verse from “Where My Money,” the Teflon Don says he’s so bada$$ that he can be compared to Uncle Sam. That’s saying something.

“Ridin’ dirty in ma Seven deuce/Its dirty, you can tell tha truth/Im dirtier than a reverend/Fighting internal revenue/Ima get mine/You can call me Uncle Sam/Used ya for your services/And i dont give a damn/Slap Bush with ma stash/All these taxes and this cash.”


Immortal Technique: “Propaganda”

You can’t call yourself a hip-hop fan if you haven’t heard of Immortal Technique.

“Tell me who’s got control of your mind?/Your world view?/Is it the news or the movie you’re taking your girl to?/Know what I’m saying, ’cause Uncle Sam got a plan/If you examine what they telling us/Then you will understand…”


2Pac: “Panther Power”

No list would be complete without one of the legends. Honorable mention goes to Ice Cube for the song “I Wanna Kill Sam.”

“And Uncle Sam never did a damn thing for me/Except lie about the facts in my history/So now I’m sitting hear mad cause I’m unemployed/But the government’s glad cause they enjoyed/When my people are down so they can screw us around.”

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