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Juelz Santana hopes to get on a record with Eminem. Santana showed his respect for the Detroit rapper on Ustream stating, ‘Eminem is my ‘N’gga, seriously, that’s what I been trying to get on the ‘Rap Cemetery’ with me and Weezy, Eminem,’ Santana goes on to say ‘Em I promise you i’ve been watching you for so long. I been a fan so I wouldn’t even ask you to get on a record, unless I felt that it was that record.’ 


Santana isn’t the first rapper to speak on their desire to work with the Eminem. Lil Wayne mentioned in an interview that Eminem was a rapper he would enjoy working. Weezy even made a play to Eminem saying ‘come on out. I’m not calling you out to diss me because i can’t f**k with you, but come do a song. please…with three e’s.’