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Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus’ ex shows us more than his underwear for his new gig.  To protect the animals Justin, Giglianne Braga, and Ben Elliot take their clothes off to support the cause. What is Miley going to do? Will she follow suit and also take it off for a noble cause?





The three are featured in ‘If I Can Dream’ which is a growing show made by Simon Fuller who also launched ‘American Idol’ as well as ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.  Justin, all the way from Louisiana left home to enter the music industry but as you can see he looks too good in underwear or nothing at all that he doesn’t really have to open his mouth. 



Even after breaking up with Miley he has been making strides in his career by being involved in the ‘If I can Dream Series’ which is a Hulu special where the aspiring stars are under constant surveillance while being coached by the best managers in the industry. 





Like all other reality shows, they live in a house together until one strikes a deal with a big label or a management company, and another can move in.   Bethanny Frankle and Stephanie Pratt have also bared it all for Peta and whether or not it actually has to do with saving animals, we have to say it certainly does bring attention to PETA.