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After some of the best pictures we have ever seen of Beyonce and Jay-Z vacationing on Hawaii, today we dug up a little seen picture from over the weekend. Beyonce having a little nip slip or as CBS likes to call it a wardrobe malfunction  While hitting the beautiful, white sand beaches of Hawaii, Beyonce found herself buried in the sand by her husband, Jay-Z and definitely with some help of her little nephew, Julz. Upon getting out of this burial, Beyonce’s nipple popped out for a moment and of course the good ol’ papparazzi caught it on camera!

After rockin’ out with Jay-Z at Coachella last weekend, the amazingly talented couple decided to take a week long break in Hawaii, as Beyonce prepares to work on her fourth album, and rumors are also flying that Jay is back in the studio as well. 

We had to put our favorite picture from this weekend in this article before you took the jump to see the nip slip.