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Before you all think that I am some angry black woman spewing venom towards white men, lets be clear I date all races! I love all men, but as a black woman, I’ve grown tired of stereotypes that cripple the credibility of black men. So for once I take off my fashion editor hat and give you all a peak into “White Man Gone Wild” The GG True Hollywood story…   Finally, there is a crack in the foundation. The old adage “all black men are dogs” is being heavily threatened by the white man in power. White people clamored to claim Tiger Woods as their own until the saga of whores, porn and sex addiction proved to be his lifestyle of choice. A lifestyle that media paints as the black way of life. Lately in Hollywood it seems that white men have bit the apple that doomed Eve. Now, let me apologize first to the women who have been victimized by the “White Man Gone Wild” epidemic, but I’m a tad bit happy that the dark light is now casting a shadow over the pristine of Hollywood!

Let’s start with Woody Allen, who was married to Mia Farrow for 12 years before he got caught. In 1992 Mia and Woody separated after she found nude pics taken by Woody Allen of Soon Yi – Mia’s adopted daughter with ex-husband Andre Pervin. Later Woody Allen admitted to the relationship and married Soon Yi. Translation: He married his ex-wife’s daughter!


Eliot Spitzer was elected into office as the 54th Governor of New York in 2007. He was forced to resign due to his costly obsession with GG’s own Ashlee Dupree, a once high paid escort and aspiring singer.

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