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Fame does not equate to money. I don’t know when exactly this delusional mindset invaded the brains of our people but if you are one of these men or women who thinks just because you don’t see someone all over the internet, the television, or on MTV Cribs that they are broke then I have a stadium in Texas I just bought from Jerry Jones that I want to sell you for the low…

I was moved to write this when I was reading tweets about my second favorite MC of all time Mr. Nasir Jones. You heard the news by now Nas has to pay Kelis over $290,000 in backdated support payments and legal bills blah, blah, blah and all I kept seeing was people saying Nas is broke. I was like why? People said because he don’t have a reality show, or he hasn’t been in a movie since Belly, or he doesn’t own his own alcohol beverage, one person put I know Nas broke because he’s never been on tour with Jay Z. I was like huh?Is this how people’s pockets are measured now-a-days?


Has it ever dawned on anybody that Nas has the money? Or yall just assume he doesn’t have it because he’s not flashy? It’s my understanding that they audit your assets when you’re going through a divorce. So the judge obviously thought Nas was paying within his means so he has money. I’m not saying Nas is filthy rich but I bet he’s barely broke. I bet if he had an iced out kufi, or his face on a chain, you would think he was caked the fucked up. Can you be mad at NAS for not wanting to kick all that out to Kelis? Hell no! I’m a stern believer in spousal support because I believe if the mother of your child is happy then your child will be even happier but let’s be reasonable Kelis…but that is another blog back to the matter at hand.

I want my people to stop equating FAME with MONEY. In life it’s the people you don’t see who are making the bread. Why do you equate camera time with cash? Why do you think the person with all the jewelry on, the person with the Bentley, or the people you see on TV every week have all the money? Some of you think the cast of the Bad Girls Club is rich. I bet you think Frankie and Neffie paid too huh? I bet if some of you Young Money Minded Muthafuckers saw Young Berg standing side by side with Warren Buffett in your hood you would ask Young Berg to borrow some money.

I want you to go up to the average 21 year old in the hood and ask them whose money they’d rather have, Carlos Slim Helu or Young Jeezy?”Now that question is meant to be rhetorical, in fact you should get a bunch of kids looking at you crazy saying are you serious? They should be telling you get the fuck out of here I want Carlos Slim Helu’s bread because he’s the richest man in the world! Guess what though? You won’t hear that as much as you think because these kids never heard of Carlos Slim Helu, but they have heard of Jeezy. They see Jeezy in the videos on the internet, with the cars and the jewelry, so in their mind that’s who got the money!


We have psychologically trained people to chase an illusion. The reason there are so many kids who want to be rappers, reality show stars, models and athletes is because these kids think this is were the money is. They see these people as being successful and rich when we all know there is a small percentage of rappers and entertainers who are making money. Reality show stars, please, half of them live with they’re parents. Athletes, when it comes to the NFL only 2.4% of college players make it and the NBA, far less than 1%. Models, you can’t be serious. If you think you are going to be a millionaire by being on the front of KING I suggest you kill yourself but I understand why you all chase these illusions, because this is what you see. Imagine if on a daily basis kids saw how Carlos Slim Helu, Warren Buffett or Bill Gates lived the same way they see how