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Apple continues to amaze me as they recently revealed upgrades for Apple TV, the Apple iPod line, iTunes and more. Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced everyone to the new Apple lines at a press conference in California, today.


This new line includes a Nano model with a touch screen, built-in FM tuner, like previous versions, and can also display pictures. A new version of the Shuffle was also introduced. Unlike the most recent players, the new iPod Shuffle brings back the square shape and buttons from the second generation.


iPhone users will get a software update (iOS 4) which will offer the ability to upload high definition video using Wi-Fi. Another cool feature is that when users take pictures on their phone, the software will save three different copies so that when they are combined, they provide a sharper image.


iTunes software is getting upgraded with features that will bring new ways for people to learn what their friends are listening to. Introducing, Ping, this section in iTunes lets people “follow”  their friends and favorite musicians (similar to how Facebook and Twitter work). Users of Ping will find that they have their own custom top-10 list based on what the people they follow are listening to.

Apple TV

Apple also announced a smaller version of its Apple TV device for streaming movies and television shows over the Internet and into people’s homes. The new tv which was announced today will let people rent content with prices varying for high definition tv shows. The revamped TV will be available within a month, and will give users access to high-def versions of movies that have just been released on DVD .

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