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Hugs all around! I’m happy to be back with my GlobalGrind friends and very happy to be back for another week of live action on “Dancing With The Stars” thanks to your votes!

Last week, each contestant danced to a song that inspired him or her. My choice was to dance to a song that helped me get through my return trip to Thailand. The judges loved it and so did I because I was able to channel all of the positive energy and light from the resilience of the people who lost so much, but were so determined to rebuild their homes and their lives, while I went home to find a way to rebuild the schools for the children still without a proper school to attend…This is where we left off last week… 

I got back to New York and everyone was offering to help with my new mission. I was so excited by the corporate and personal response to help me with my “Response” to the tsunami that hit Thailand. As I said, my goal was to properly set up Happy Hearts Fund and get to work on fundraising right away in order to start building a school in Thailand as quickly and efficiently as possible. Friends walked me through the legal process of setting up a proper foundation and how to file with the IRS as a registered 501c3 not-for-profit group.

At the time, Happy Hearts Fund was a just a mission with a vision, and a staff of two, with a list of people who wanted to help.


Right away, people started to pledge their time, their support and ultimately their donations. Then we received an incredible call and a large gift from the Carlos Salvi Foundation. I couldn’t believe how generous they were and how important it was for them to share in the HHF mission to shine light on children affected by natural disasters and get them back into a safe school.

Before I could catch a breath we were back in Thailand, delivering on our promise, well ahead of schedule. The Carlos Salvi Foundation made it possible for our first school, the Khao Lak – Chao Thai Mai School to be rebuilt.  Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart!


I was humbled by the generosity, and the success made me want to get back and build more schools as quickly as possible, but we needed a plan and we needed a team…more on that next week.

Now, I have to go “Dance with a purpose.” But I want to remind, that this is your last chance to get your tickets for the launch of Happy Hearts Fund’s young leaders group: “The Helping Hearts Council.” The event is this Thursday night at Theater Bar in Tribeca, NYC. The cost of admission is only $50 and our goal is to raise enough to build one school in one night!  For more information, reach out to and see the invitation attached! 

Lots of love, light and happiness.


Follow Petra and HHF on Twitter @pnemcova @happyheartsfund 



The 1 Night, 1 School event will be held this Thursday night at Theater Bar in Tribeca, NYC. The cost of admission is only $50 and it’s the last day to buy. For more information, reach out to


Petra poses at a Happy Hearts Fund event with Russell Simmons.