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(Blogger’s Note: 17-year-old Tariq Muhammad is a 2009 graduate of Lamar High School in Houston ,Texas. He is preparing to start his first day of classes on August 24th at the HBCU Florida A&M. I went one-on-one with him to discuss his school choice, scholarships, goals and the wisdom of his parents.)

Brother Jesse: Why did you choose to attend Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University?

Tariq Muhammad: I am attending Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University because this university has one of the best College of Pharmacy schools in the nation and they enhance the networking, leadership, and service abilities of young adults.

Brother Jesse: How much scholarship money did you receive for college? How did you obtain it?

Tariq Muhammad: From various colleges and private/non-university scholarships I have received almost $50,000. I have obtained these scholarships by first having faith and doing the will of God, working diligently in high school, having tireless nights while applying for these many scholarships, and striving for the best.

Brother Jesse: What is your major and why did you select it?

Tariq Muhammad: I am a first-year pharmacy major. I selected pharmacy as my major because I always had a desire to be a great benefactor in a person’s life. I also have been influenced by many of my family members who have worked in a field that would help our community. This major will also help me financially survive.

Brother Jesse: What fears and excitements do you have about your freshman year?

Tariq Muhammad: During my freshman year, I am excited to start my first day of the rest of my life and begin my journey to success. I’m excited about the various organizations that would be beneficial in enhancing my leadership and networking skills. I am excited about the social activities that include mature adults. My fear is failure, failure in not making my parents proud, failing to be a good example of God’s child, and not being an academically excelling student.

Brother Jesse: What do you plan to accomplish in college? Are you planning to join any organizations?

Tariq Muhammad: Well I plan to get as much positive exposure as possible. I desire to be on the Dean’s List by my Spring semester of my first year. I plan to complete graduate college with a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree with honors. Yes, I’m interested in joining many productive organizations such as Student Government Association, a modeling troupe, professional pharmacy organizations, and many others.

Brother Jesse: You have two supporting parents in Brother Ray and Sister Helen Muhammad. What wisdom did you get from them that prepared you for college?

Tariq Muhammad: My parents have taught me to always stay focused despite what everyone else is doing. They have taught me that I have the rest of my life to “party”, therefore get in and get out of school. My parents have also taught me to always pray to God for His many blessings He is giving me, to always strive to be righteous, and always have Islam as my backb