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It’s been a long time I shouldn’t have left you, without a little blog to rep to. Hopefully I won’t keep you waiting this long again. One might ask, ‘Kemo, why haven’t you been recording?’ ‘Why haven’t you been blogging for GG?’ ‘What happened?’ Life happened, but it’s no one’s fault but my own. About a month and a half ago, my cousin Mainiac ran up in my other cousin Bruce’s clothing store and robbed him at gunpoint, relieving him of over seven thousand dollars in cash and dope. I’m considered to be a very heavy influence in the lives of those around me, so no sooner than this happened, I received a text from Bruce that read, ‘Maniac just robbed me.’ I immediately called Bruce and told him to come to my crib so I could find out the details.
When he got to my crib he looked so shook that just the look on his face alone made me lose some respect for him. He told me that he was about to quit the game and go to church and that he was so happy to have his life because he saw death in Maniac’s eyes during the incident. I would have respected the church thing coming from anyone else and no matter what a man’s reason may be for going to church I think he should follow anything in his heart that tells him that he should do good, but that just sounded like bullshit coming from Bruce. He sounded like a shook ass bitch to me. I say this because first of all Bruce is about 6’4′, 400lbs and he always talks to everyone like they aint shit and I knew that this was probably the reason that Maniac took his shit (by the way. my cousin Mainiac only stands about 5’6 and weighs only about 150lbs).
I told him, ‘Even though he robbed you and it was wrong you need to learn to address people with respect and there will be a relatively low chance of that shit happening again.’ I told him that Mainiac had been over my house earlier that day and he said, ‘Well let me get out of here because he might come back overe here and I don’t want any more trouble with him.’ What a bitch ass nigga. I forgot to mention that Bruce is only my cousin by marriage, Mainiac is my blood relative (not that it matters but I just wanted to bring clarity to the fact that there are no soft ass niggas in my family).
The next day Maniac comes over to my crib and the first thing he says when I opened the door is ‘Cuz I love you but I’m robbing every nigga that looks at me crosseyed!’ I believe in Karma and my robbing days have been behind me for a while but I needed money. I just got out of jail a few months ago, my Ford Expedition was involved in a shooting and a high-speed chase so I lost it. When I went to jail someone broke in my house and stole my whole wardrobe (you know my gear game had to be on point for a nigga to steal my clothes). 
So now I’m desperate, but I’m really trying to change my life. Still I told Mainiac that I had a lick for $150,000 that we could hit and he was definitely with it. We got in the hooptie with two big ass forty fives and started on our mission. The lick was this bitch ass nigga that tried to play me out of some bread before I went to jail (I never fucked over a nigga that I felt didnt deserve it). We stopped at a little hot spot on the way. We jumped out of the car and I went inside. I turned around and Mainiac wasn’t behind me. I stuck my head outside and said, ‘Cuz, bring your ass inside! The cops are hot as fuck around here!’ He said, ‘Naw cuz I want to stand out here. It feels good out here.’ I said, ‘But you got that big ass gun on you. You should bring your ass in.’ By then it was too late, the cops pulled up five cars deep. Mainiac ran down the alley next to the hot spot and every cop pursued him on foot. I went in the hot spot. I hate to say ‘I told you so

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