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<p>&nbsp;</p><p>By Odeisel</p><p>Last week, Planet Ill sat down with legendary Hip-Hopper Rakim Allah to discuss life, legacy, and music.&nbsp; It&rsquo;s always a treat to hear from giants, and Rakim Allah was gracious in sharing his history with us. We discussed a wide variety of things about his foundation, his progression, his hidden talents and things that motivated him to take his talent to rarely reached heights.&nbsp; Here is part one of that discussion.</p><p>Rakim Allah: My culture plays a lot; it&rsquo;s my world. Everything derives from how I see and how I envision the world. It plays a major part.</p><p>Planet Ill: you come from a musical family.&nbsp; Did that give you an advantage over other MC&rsquo;s in terms of recognizing pacing and flow?</p>

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