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The music industry is a rough and tumble spot, you never know where your next hit or heartbreak will come from. To survive the times one must be smart, creative and ultimately lucky. Hardwork will help you along the way, just so you can be ready for the big time shot. Take Sujit Kundu, Universal Records’ National Director of Radio and Cross Over Promotions and CEO of SKAM Artists, the promotion and management company to celebrity DJs like Jermaine Durpi, Lil Jon, DJ Irie and D-Nice, he’s always ready for opportunities to expand his brand. Check his background here (worked with all the hit makers) and read up on his recipe for success.


we got SKAM’d from them too photography on Vimeo.


What sparked the idea that promoting parties and managing the world’s hottest DJs could become a real business for you?

I think I realized this could be a real business when I was able to pay rent and still have fun every day. I was working in the field while in college but I didn’t have the pressure of paying rent. Once I graduated I realized quickly that if I wasn’t making a living I would have to pursue a more conventional job, accountant, etc.   It has never been about the money, more about the feeling that comes when you have a sold out show and/or watching a sold out club rocking to one of your clients.  This career path became a reality when I was making more than my peers that graduated college at the same time as me.

What was your most stressful event and now that you’ve made it through it, what did you learn?

The most stressful events were when I was a promoter, when my own money was on the line.  When you invest your own money and break even after hundreds of hours of work just to get the initial investment back it becomes stressful.
I think the most stressful time for me was when Geffen did lay offs. I was given 2 weeks severance and had just moved my life to Hollywood.  Not knowing where the next check was coming from was a little nerve wrecking. Especially when rent was due on the first!!!

How did/do you grow your roster of DJs? Why do you think they sign with you when there are so many other options out there?

I don’t believe there are many options out there.  I’m not just an agent. I’ve traveled/toured with both DJs and platinum touring acts. As a result most of the clubs the DJs play at, I’ve been to, and most of the promoters/owners I’ve know for years. I have actual experience when it com