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The C-002 is a very cleverly named iPhone clone.This is the ultimate rock solid 99% iPhone clone and is selling like crazy. It is unlocked so just plug your SIM card in and you are good to go. Comes with one year warranty. Sells for only $239. No contracts. No rate plans. Just your existing SIM card is enough.First, I’ve got the feeling that more than 1% of iPhone functionality is missing here. Secondly, I thought fake iPhones were sold by men in trenchcoats and/or in back alley markets for $40. I mean $240? That’s real money. For a not real iPhone. However I may have to drop for one after reading a particularly poignant review.this phone is shitting on people if i get this can i use any sim card that is not cut on or do i have to have sim card that is turned on plz respond asapHmm, well it appears that person doesn’t own one, but has heard from a reliable source that the unit defecates on people. Interesting feature, but I’ll pass after all.A worthwhile video of the thing in action (why he chose that Eminem song is a mystery to me) and product specs after the jump.