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A Crystal Lake
A swimmer walks in the Songhua River in Jilin, China.

Dani warriors attack the Damal tribe during a skirmish in the village of Old Kwaki in Papua, Indonesia. The confrontation began after the Damal tribe failed to pay a reparation for an alleged rape. One person died and 25 were injured in the attack, a Caritas hospital officer said.


Fireworks light up, Burj Khalifa , the world’s tallest building during the official opening ceremony in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Obama The Model
An unauthorized advert, pictured, which features US President Barack Obama in New York’s iconic Times Square has angered the White House.
Flaming breath : An Indian Sikh youth performs a fire breathing act as he take part in a procession from the Sri Akal Takhat at The Golden Temple in Amritsar.
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