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Recent reports state that New York Jet Santonio Holmes was removed from a plane a Pittsburgh International Airport were completely false. Some news outlets stated that Santonio Holmes was removed from an airplane today for being a disruptive passenger. It turns out the ordeal was about an Ipod, reports claim that Santonio did not want to turn it off prior to the planes take off.

According to the Allegheny County Police, Holmes walked off the plane before police got there, and was reminded to listen to the stewardess.  A report was filed but there were no formal charges filed.

Santonio Holmes is already facing a four game suspension for the 2010 season and I can almost assure you that he will not do anything else to jeopardize the remaining season or career.

The Allegheny County Police issued a statement refuting the WPXI report: “As previously reported, (Santonio) Holmes was NOT removed from any airplane (4/29/2010). He was asked to remove his Ipod (at one point), in which he complied. There’s no further information to report.”