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Yesterday, we ran a story about two young girls who were attacked by grown men in Brooklyn, held down and slashed in their faces by another woman.  The New York Daily News interviewed the 17 year old young lady, Shantayah Lewis, who was stabbed in her hospital room in Brooklyn.

So the story goes, Shantayah and her cousin, Shakeena, were walking home, when another girl, who is dating the ex-boyfriend of Shakeena’s sister, started to follow them both. The girl got into a brief fight with Shantayah and promised she would be back.  Later in the afternoon, the girl came back with her boyfriend, who is the dude who is at the center of this all, and that is when they held Shantayah down and started to slash her face.

‘She swung and started stabbing my face,’ Shantayah said. ‘I didn’t know what to do.’

‘My face is too beautiful to be fighting,’ Shantayah told the Daily News. ‘Fighting is not the key. Violence is not the way.’