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So by now we’ve all seen and heard about the incident Kid Cudi was in while performing. A drunk fan came on stage and pretty much messed up the performance. Cudi was not happy and he decided to handle it by fighting the guy. Now a lot of people are saying that Kid Cudi has anger issues. That’s where I disagree.

First of all, his security guards should’ve prevented the drunk fan from getting on stage. I mean after all it is their job. I can understand why Cudi handled the situation the way he did. His security didn’t do their job, so Cudi is going to do it himself. I honestly don’t think Cudi has an anger problem. Cudi’s music is very passionate and when he performs, he has a deep connection with his fans. So when someone comes on stage and messes that up, it’s pretty obvious that he would explode.


Even though this isn’t the first time Cudi has fought an audience member, I still blame his security for the incident. The first time I think Cudi should’ve left it alone. The second time was understandable, people need to understand he’s performing in his hometown. This performance means so much to him. I think anger management is just a little too much. This is just my opinion.

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