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When you watch an award show there are a few things you watch it for, obviously you want to see who the winners are, you want to see what everyone is wearing and the musical performances. But there is another key element to the perfect award show: the opening monologue from the host.

Now depending on the type of award show you are watching the opening varies, but when it comes to the MTV VMAs you know you are always in for some laughs! For the host, the opening of the show gives them a good five minutes to poke fun at any one in the audience about any and everything, what more can you ask for in the name of entertainment.

This year comedian Chelsea Handler is hosting the VMAs, if you have ever seen her show Chelsea Lately on the e! channel than you know nothing will be off limits for her!

Since the VMAs are going down tonight night, Sunday September 12, we want to bring to you the best openings from the VMAs.

Here is a peak into what we can expect from Chelsea Handler at this years VMAs.

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MTV did a master mix of some of the best opening lines for the past VMAs

Up next Russell Brand!


Russell Brand got to host the VMAs twice, this clip is from the 2009 show!

Up next Chris Rock


Chris Rock hosted the VMAs 3 times, 2003, 1999 and 1997

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