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The decision to be a mentor for me is a rather simple one I have embraced before I had a national platform as an entertainer, author and recording artist. I was fortunate to be raised in a household where service to others in need was not an option, but a natural expression of reciprocity of the many blessings bestowed upon me. I believe it is imperative for all us to mentor.

We have all had someone to look to along the way to help us get closer to our short term and long term goal. The very charge to love your neighbor as you love yourself is basically imploring us all to be mentors. The Laws of seedtime and harvest are always at work regardless of what you believe in. If you plant Grapes you’ll get grapes. If you plant hate, you’ll get it right back, the same goes with love, gossip etc.

So, when you take the time to pour into another it MUST come right back to YOU. Many times we’re not aware of how we need that push, or correction, or higher expectation but it always carries you to being EXCELLENT!

One of the reasons I wrote ‘Advance Your Swagger’, is because I believe that the lessons in it can be implemented throughout high schools, universities, and churches across the country.  With a book, I can take my lessons of manners, confidence and style and mentor to thousands of youth, leaving them with a written tool to shape and renew their minds, which influences their actions and molds their character. My ‘Gs to Gents’ television show was targeted specifically to transform young men, and equip them with real tools and life lessons to bring them closer to their dreams.  My message was brought to the world in over 30 million viewers in 50 different countries.

In closing, the best part about mentoring is it truly does make you feel good to see someone take your advice and begin on that trajectory towards their goals. There really is NOTHING more fulfilling. It truly proves once and for all that it really is better to give than it is to receive.

-Fonzworth Bentley
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