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I just got finished watching the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards and I must say I am a bit upset. I am not upset that I didn’t have 3D glasses to watch the Michael Jackson tribute, that didn’t bother me. I’m not upset because Jules didn’t thank his Nintendo DSi when Jay-Z and Rihanna brought him up on stage, although I would have loved for the camera to zoom in on his dunks. I’m upset because no one in the Academy sent Kanye West an invitation. 

When asked about Kanye’s absence Drake said ‘I know he’s in a great creative space right now and I think that he’s working on his project.’ Travis Barker chimed in saying he heard Yeezy was “in Hawaii” then advised for Mr. West to quote “stay there.” o_O 

It was Ralph Emerson who said “The only sin we don’t forgive in each other is a difference of opinion.” Today that couldn’t have been clearer. Kanye was nominated for 3 awards in one category, and featured on the song the Academy choose to close out the show with, and still not invited. I truly understand we have to lie in the beds we make, but hasn’t Kanye suffered enough? Sure he got mad when they tried to cut off his acceptance speech while he thanked his deceased mother, sure threw a tantrum backstage at numerous award shows, and yes he snatched the mic from Taylor Swift, but he was really happy for her, when he did it. The man has a lot of opinions and we should be lucky he’s not afraid to let us know what they are, even if it is at a terrible time. Other people never give you a glimpse of their soul. Other people never allow you inside their hearts, and other people never say the things that are on all of our minds. We should be lucky to say the least. 

How long should we punish Kanye West for speaking his truth? Think about it what Kanye actually said to Taylor. It goes like this:“Taylor I’m really happy for you, and I’m going to let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the greatest videos of all time” Compared to his rant to Justice at the EMA’s Taylor got off easy. While Beyonce’s Single Ladies, is no Thriller, it is an absolutely amazing video. And its not like Kanye ran off the stage with the microphone or slapped Taylor Swift. No, instead he handed the microphone back to Taylor in an effort to let her finish, and she didn’t finish her acceptance speech. Is that really Kanye’s fault?

A little mistake is little; it shouldn’t cause someone to be an outcast. To be banded from the biggest music event of them all. This is still America, where freedom of speech is a right. Where we are forced to hear hate spewed by the likes of O’Rielly, Beck and Limbaugh on an almost daily basis. In Kanye’s case the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. 

Since Kanye wasn’t invited I have compiled a list of Kanye’s biggest award show rants, because I actually look forward to them. I say all of that to say this:

Dear America, can we forgive Mr. Kanye West already? 

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