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As we all know October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Many people have done the breast cancer walks, charities and organizations have put together events in order to raise funds, and much more has been done all in an effort to speak to women about getting tested, early detection, raising awareness, and raising money in an end result of finding a cure.

Even if money can’t be given, explaining the pink ribbon to just one person can help raise awareness and help you do your part.

Many brands have joined up in the efforts to support and raise awareness for breast cancer such as the NFL, who had players wear pink, Lebron James who held an auction, Ralph Lauren who came out with pink collections, and many more.

Here at Global Grind, we have a few brands we’d like to see go pink as well.

Check them out.


Jordan is a brand we’d like to see go pink. Not just pink Jordan’s for style but maybe an entire collection dedicated just towards Breast Cancer Awareness with a portion of the proceeds being donated. How awesome would that be?


Cam’ron already loves the color pink. Actually, he may have been the first rapper to wear pink and make it so hot! We all were amazed when he used to dress in all pink outfits and were blown away when he purchased the ‘all pink everything’ Range Rover. Why not just go pink for a good cause? For breast cancer!


Budweiser has some of the greatest commercials ever. How bout they take one of those commercials and turn them pink? That would be pretty DOPE!


How great would it be to see your favorite wrestler in pink? Haha

WWE is a brand that should definitely go PINK!


How cool would it be to be sitting in the theater, watching a 3D movie with PINK glasses? You can be watching your film while knowing that you’re supporting and raising awareness for a worthy cause.


How dope would it be if Slim Jim made pink beef jerkys to raise awareness? Would you even eat it? HaHa


Imagine Death Row records going pink? Thu