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Snooki has a new boyfriend, but was she his second choice? I have exclusively learned that Snooki’s new man, Emilio aka the Guido Juicehead actually wanted another woman. Apparently Emilio tried to get with his best-friend of three years, Alexis, but Alexis shut him down faster than the south when they get an inch of snow. Emilio and Alexis got close over the summer and Emilio made his move telling the italian beauty he loved her.

Only thing is Alexis didn’t love him back and tried to let Snooki’s new man down easily but he wasn’t trying to hear that. So he reach out to her parents to try to make her love him, but that was all she could take and she ended the friendship. Alexis recently got a text message from Emilio saying ‘I Love You’ to which she replied ‘Lose my number’ Kind of harsh I know but she wanted to make sure he got the point. A week later Emilio was introduced to the world as Snooki’s new boyfriend.

Now when I asked her why she didn’t want to be with Emilio she simply said ‘I couldn’t get past his height he’s like 5’4” Then she later said she doesn’t like a kiss ass. The big hair the style of dress it looks like Emilio likes a certain type. 


Apparently Emilio responded to this article in the form of a comment saying: 

‘To whom this may concern, In response to this FALSE article. She was my bestfriend and thats it . And got things confused. I am close with her family , i BABYSAT for her parents ! thats it. It was never anything except for friends which never amounted to anything. Unfortunately people are jealous and crave attention. But this is false and the pics are From August 2009. Taken at her birthday party. Nothing was serious! … I love my girlfriend….this is a joke lmao’

Who do you believe?

Xilla – Gossip & Entertainment Editor

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