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Thank you for the ride nowhere”- Janet Jackson

Life for a woman is anything but easy, that’s why women young and old look towards fashion, weekly trends and the opposite sex for a source of extra curriculum on a day to day bases. However you do have your small clusters of ladies who devote a endless amount of time and energy into something more concrete, promising and most importantly something that creates a source of income….this my friend is defined as the “Excessively Career Driven Women” who has ambition, long term goals, and GOD DARN IT a final “destination” that does not include the male species…she’s fearless confident unapologetic and most importantly a diva with a audience or otherwise.

On the other hand you have your other scourge of young women which is the complete opposite of your “Career Girl” she’s not so confident behind closed doors, although she appears to be in large crowds……. she appears in control, focused and emotionally content; but needless to say she is promiscuous in dosages which means a women of immediate impulse…she goes with the “flow” to the point of boredom and eventually she completely backs away from the opposite sex only in search of a new prey of her interest; her somewhat disturbing rollercoaster love life, is beyond the talk of discussion among observers or females of her kind……..instead it’s a way of life. She’s totally aware of the ending to her story so she plays her cards as what she thinks is the winning hand.

Here I have supplied you with examples of two VERY realistic women walking around aimlessly in the world….dare I say a MILLION women ranging from all age groups, ethnic backgrounds and social classes are privately combating this ongoing battle ……whether you are from a crowded block of brownstones or a secluded gated community you can most definitely identify with this subject matter. The purposeless directionless relationships, “justified” one night stands, the act of women in “high places” lowering her standards to contain a lasting “love life” is starting to annoy me beyond WORDS.


I know you are asking yourself……. who the HELL am I, and even importantly how dare a “impractical” 24 year old girl from Detroit, challenge the habits and behaviors of thousands of women around the universe…….the answer is No, I am NOT— “Wise beyond my years nor do I attain a faultless relationship past” instead my response is simple and honest………… “I am a observer” who has had the opportunity to take advantage of the mass media components that have been placed in front of us for our usage in addition to real life experiences……allow me to provide examples, television shows such as (Sex & The City), (Girlfriends) hell even the cast of (Golden Girls) where Single and on the conquest for love in their OLD age. (LOL)

Better yet let’s move on to the element of R&B culture a movement so realistic it has “second hand” its self for years. Let’s be REAL more than 85percent of R&B songs are geared towards love, lust, lost or some type of human emotion that derives from a feeling directed towards the opposite sex, it’s no coincidence that Beyonce is belling out the very same lyrical content…as 70’s hit maker Phyllis Hyman or Trey Songz begging for forgiveness as Marvin Gaye did in his day; you get my DRIFT?!??

No longer can I seek out concrete “advice or answers” from a older more mature women….I have come to the realization older women don’t have a CLUE EITHER; unfortunately those days of asking  a older aunt, sister or friend for  advice and assurance ARE