BYRM!! Hello Earth Links… My name is Salomes Jackson from the World of Salo! I’ve been placed here to fill your world with my does that some call ‘Nicotine Music.’ My journey and how I got here is a long story but what matters is that I’m here and I’m focused.  I recently did an interview for a magazine and they asked me ‘Who do you compare yourself too?’ I didn’t know what to say because I’ve always thought my style was like no other.

The music you hear now is the same music I’ve been making for years!! Someone told me I remind them of Lady Gaga or an R&B Nicki Minaj and while I respect these ladies and LOVE the music they make they AREN’T my musical influences. Prince, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston are artist that I have always looked up too and if I was gonna try to emulate the style of anyone, it would probably be them! Who ever says its easy to be in this industry is a liar. I know I can speak for myself and other insanely talented artist out there who are on there grind, signed and unsigned that ‘it’s HARD!’  Quick Back Story:


I moved to ATL when I was 17. I began learning, listening, and elevating my mind, body and soul to a different place, a world called ‘Salo’s World.’ I met with a ‘loco’ producer named Wonder at DJ Tomps studio and I’ve been writing and recording with him preparing for my break. Then I moved back to NJ and met with heavy hitter K.Mack from the Souldiggaz and our synergy was CRAZY! He later brought me to Rob Fusari and then we connected with Balewa Muhammad!!!! (Google all three of them in case you are unfamiliar) They believed and they took a journey with me to my World and ever since then I’ve been getting closer to the moon.

Most recently, I wrote on the ‘Last Train to Paris Album’ for P.Diddy, I have a buzz single that has received a GREAT response from all called ‘Elevator’, I’m still recording my album, I have rehearsals for 6 hours a day, all while still doing interviews, and red carpet events! It was not an over night process Its for sure still a struggle. That part never will end. One thing I recently learned that it gets more intense! Perfection, less sleep and sacrifice. NO COMPLAINTS FROM ME! I’m ready!! What separates me from others is that the grind is what I live for! So remember while your sleeping somebody else is taking one step closer than you are. BYRM….

SALOMES DICTIONARY!  (Word of the month! )

BYRM = {bee-ya-room}



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