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The Real Housewives of Atlanta aren’t strangers to drama. They’ve usually stayed in the blogs because of some drama, but it looks like things are about to get a little crazy for them. The other night (Wednesday, March 10) Kim Zolciak appeared on Kandi Burress‘ ‘Kandy Koated Nights’ UStream show as a guest. They were talking about their favorite moments regarding west coast rap group NWA, and Kim Z took it a bit too far, dropping the N bomb while they were recording. Here’s her quote below:

“Yeah, I remember listening to NWA back in the day, one of my favorite songs was the one where he talks about the girl p&@*y poppin. Ya’ll know NWA, Niggers With Attitudes, it was 15 years ago but we still love it.”- Kim Zolciak

Kandi took Kim to the side to talk about what she said, and afterwards addressed the UStream audience.

“I know everyone was a little shocked by Kim saying the real word for N in N.W.A., but this is real TV, anyway it was crazy. We had a fun night and we hope to see you guys back.”- Kandi Burress

Check out the video and tell us, did Kim Z do too much? Or was it a honest mistake?

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