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Today in GlobalGrind Apps, we bring you a game you can play with your friends across multiple mobile and digital platforms, an application that monitors your sleep and TV app you can set your DVR with. Lets Go!

What: Words With Friends

Made By: Zynga

What It Does: Words With Friends is a Scrabble-like game for your mobile device. The game has been out for a few months now for iPhones but only recently has an Android version been added. The best part of this game, besides building up words and beating your friends, is the cross platform capability.


How Much: Free on Android Market. 




Screenshot of Android’s Friends With Words.


What: SleepCycle

Made By: Zynga

What It Does: SleepCycle, a fun scientific app for the iPhone, allows you to measure how well you sleep during the night. You turn the app on, place it under your pillow and the iphone’s sensors measure your movement during the night. After reviewing the data, you can post the results online via Twitter and Facebook. The app is useful for those who want to pin-point their trouble times at night. The built-in alarm clock wakes you up during you lightest sleep phase. 

Platform:iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

How Much: $0.99 Cents on Itunes. 



What: Xfinity TV

Made By: Comcast Interactive

What It Does: Xfinity TV app puts the television world at your fingertips. It allows you to program your DVR as well as watch shows on your iPad. In the new version, version 1.1.1, you can watch premium channels like HBO and STARZ any time you want.

Platform:iPad, iPhone and Android.

How Much: Free on Android Market. Prices and packages vary according to Comcast’s market. 



Screenshot of the Xfinity TV iphone app.