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A high risk sex offender who has already been charged for rape in 1996 strikes again in the Bronx attacks two women in the Bronx aged 75 and 76 and rapes one of them. 

The trusting old ladies invited 32 year old Marco Cuevas who was looking frazzled and sweaty into her living room, because she was familiar with his mother who is a home attendant at the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.  After being offered a glass of water and a rag, Cuevas stuffed the women’s mouths with the rag, took off their blouses, laid them on the bed and raped one of them. 

In the middle of raping the woman, the about-to-be second victim picked up a bible and pleaded, ‘don’t hurt is, God will forgive you’ which surprisingly moved the offender to stop what he was doing and pull up his pants. 


He bawled like a child while uttering ‘I’m on drugs.  Sorry.  Dont’ call the police, it will embarass my mother!’ and after seeing the bible, he dropped to his knees to beg for forgiveness and ran off. 

Cuevos, the 295 pound pervert ex-con was found in his mother’s apartment on E 141 street apartment and put behind bars with a $200,000 bail.

The 76 year old woman comments, ‘He could have killed us.  Even the sickest perverts believe in God.  God saved us.’

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