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Okay, this is a topic I’ve been dying to talk about, specifically the first performance of the night during the pre-show. None other than Nicki Minaj graced the stage, first starting out with her hit single, “Your Love” and ending with her new internet craze, “Check It Out” featuring Will.I.AM. of the Black Eyed Peas. Now pre-performance, I was feeling this song. Definitely showing off Nicki’s typical Barbie theme accompanied with her unique, high energy rhymes; oh and a little Black Eyed Pea juice from Will.I.AM! Now, however, when I saw the performance of the song on the VMA pre-show, I gave it two thumbs “ALL THE WAY DOWN!” I wasn’t sure if Nicki was trying to create a work-out video with her strange new choreography. Or perhaps she wanted to show off her own rendition of the video game classic, Mortal Combat, as she released fake shots from her imaginary machine gun aimed at her handy-dandy sidekick, S.Beezy. (Oh! Who, by the way, decided to explore his ‘inner break dancer’ while on stage as well, instead of taking on his usual hype-man persona.) Yeah, EPIC FAIL! You get to sit ALL THE WAY DOWN during next year’s performance S.Beezy! SHAME! To judge the performance for yourself, just click on the link below. I believe it goes directly to the video on MTV.Com.



 I must admit watching that performance and realizing that the entire universe was probably watching as well did make me feel some type of way; I think for about a full 24 hours, I was embarrassed to even admit I was a Nicki Minaj fan. However, it is now a full 72 hours after the tragically odd performance and I’m happy to announce I’ve officially forgiven Ms. Minaj and am now back on the Harajuku Barbie’s fan band wagon! That is all!