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<p>Justin Bieber – Pick Me Lyrics Song Text Word<br /><br />woah oh yeah<br />(woah oh yeah)<br />eh eh<br />woah oh oh oh yeah<br />you&rsquo;re the finest girl i&rsquo;ve ever seen<br />and i wanna do you know this<br />every guy you meet ends up having feelings for ya<br />you can any of &lsquo;em<br />you can take your pick<br />but you need to check with me<br />girl i promise i<br />i can take ya to the movies<br />we&rsquo;ll be there holding hands<br />i&rsquo;ll walk you home from school<br />i&rsquo;ll walk you to your classes<br /><br />playing my 360 yeah you&rsquo;ll be my best friend<br />but most of all baby doll you&rsquo;ll be my love love love</p>