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The twin teenage daughters of a woman found stabbed to death in her home earlier this year have been charged with the murder of their mother and will be tried as adults.

Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead, both 16, were arrested Friday morning by the Conyers Police Department and charged with the murder of Jarmeca Whitehead.

When I heard of this story. I was waiting for the news to report of the horrific child abuse these girls must have gone through. I was waiting to hear about what an neglectful parent there mom had to be. Then I was shocked to hear that her mom spent her life taking the girls to ballet class and music lessons. I was shocked to hear that the mom was not the monster you think a parent must be in order for her kids to kill her.

So I began to research and after talking with friends of the girls and reading interviews from the grandmother and family friends. All said that the mother was a kind and caring mother that only wanted the best for her daughter. I further find out that the girls were great students. One even received an award from president Bush.

So now I have to ask myself who failed these girls?

I think the answer is simple they failed themselves. Along with society that continues to desensitize our youth with violent video games and TV shoes that glorify violence. The BAD GIRLS CLUB and others.


Youth must turn these shows off themselves and not let the media poison our minds.

Police reports said that the girls jumped on the mom once over a cell phone. The mother told them it was to late to be on the phone. Are parent’s now going to be afraid to parent?

And just when did it become acceptable for teens to curse dress certain ways in front of adults . When did values and morals stop being taught by TV school and in our churches?

What happened to the village that should have helped this family.

I know I was taught as early as two to honor and obey my parent’s and to fear God.

Parent’s need to teach these values more so tragic deaths like this will not happen again.

I do not know for sure if they girls did commit this horrible crime but I do know that we as a society must ensure that this will not happen again by watching what we watch listen to and buy. What we take in we will put out.

Most of the Teens my age take for granted the opportunities we have today. Computers Cable phones and other technology. We should be using our energy to invent new things and fight against the evils of this world. I will not waste one day on foolishness we already have to many fools now. I am praying for this family.


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