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These two commercials are for two entirely different reasons, but they’re so good, we just decided to put them together. Oh, and they’re also featuring the number 1 and number 2 artist on the Billboard charts.

First up is the number one artist on Billboard right now, Katy Perry. This commercial she just shot for a German TV channel ProSieben’s ‘Star Force’ is, well, honestly, almost better than the video she shot for ‘Teenage Dream’. The reason for the comparison? ‘Teenage Dream’ is the song in the commercial.

The second commercial is Eminem’s MTV Video Music Award commercial. Though not nearly as well-produced as Drake or Nicki MInaj’s commercial, Em’s still gets the job done, that of getting us excited to for the MTV Video Music Awards, which will air on September 13.

Watch Katy Perry’s dreamy German commercial and Eminem’s road to the MTV Video Music Awards.



Katy Perry commercial

Eminem commercial