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LeBron James.  Those two words represent a brand, an image, an expectation, an athlete.  They also represent a man, who has the God given right to make decisions for himself.  However, there are people with a lot of hurt feelings and animosity towards him simply because he made a decision for himself and his career.  There is a modern day lynching taking place against him because he decided to “do him”.  But he’s an athlete.  He doesn’t get paid to be “loyal” to anyone team.  He gets paid to play a game and entertain while doing so.  That’s his job and last time I heard, he was pretty good at it.  But that’s not good enough.  Everyone has this unrealistic expectation that he should play for one team and one team only for the remainder of his professional athletic career.  He decided to do otherwise.  And because these same individuals who had these unrealistic expectations didn’t have a Plan B in place, they are angry, disappointed, hurt and upset.  Cleveland’s inability to make good business decisions and concentrating on one individual player is not the fault of LeBron James.    


I love the new Nike commercial.  LeBron asks us “What should I do?”  I don’t care what the critics and sports “haters” say.  Nike stands behind LeBron and his decision.  They are intelligent enough to know that they can design his shoes in Miami Heat colors and still make millions of dollars.  They are intelligent enough to know that Miami Heat fans will buy, buy, and buy LeBron.  They know that with LeBron, they have longevity.  He’s young, he’s talented and he’s fearless enough to piss off an entire state for the sake of being his own man.  Nike got it right.  They support LeBron’s decision to “do him”.    


LeBron James is a brand, an image, an expectation, an athlete.  Thus far in his athletic career, King James has made many people wealthier than they already were.  As a result, t