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Now this is what we call awesome.

United Kingdom artist Kyle Lambert took to Steve Jobs’ new toy, and in six hours painted a stunning life-like portrait of the singer using the iPad’s Brushes app. With only the use of a single finger, Lambert’s painting is based on an image of Beyoncé from the singer’s video for ‘If I Were A Boy.’ The painting, like the actual image, is in variations of gray, black, and white and shows Beyonce with her serious face and hair slicked back.

In a statement on his website, Lambert said about the painting, ‘The iPad expands the possibilites for artsts like myself to take digital artwork creation away from the computer and out into the world.’

Below is a picture of the final product, but to see the actual creative process, check out a one-and-a-half minute video on the next page. In a word, amazing.