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In ‘The Adjustment Bureau,’ Anthony Mackie plays an agent named Harry. Harry is assigned to Matt Damon’s character David Norris, and over the course of the movie their interaction with one another is just as interesting as the love story between Matt and Emily Blunt. 

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GlobalGrind sat down with Anthony Mackie during The Hollywood Grind to discuss Lil Wayne, Tupac, being labeled the next Denzel, The Adjustment Bureau and much more. Check out the video below as well as read our interview with the actor.

How did you get this role and how did you prepare for it?

I was doing Shakespeare in the park and my manager called me like ‘Yo I found it!” and I was like ‘Word?’ So I got the script and I read it. I’ve been working on subtlety and just being calm. We were really looking for something where I could venture further into that. And when we read it, it was unlike anything we have read before and it was unique in the way that the story was being told. So that’s kind of two things that I like. So we made a call and I auditioned and met George and it kind of worked out. But, little did I know he had seen “Hurt Locker” and he was like ‘yo I need to meet this dude.’ So, I didn’t know that, had I known that I would have been like ‘No I ain’t reading for you kiss my ass I ain’t reading for you.’

No I’m joking! (Laughs) I went over to his place and read for him and we did some scenes, he gave me some notes and we did it again and it was just like a regular audition and it kind of worked out.

How did you approach the story?