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Solar Panels…Woo Hoo!

by Elaine Carter





This week in Boulder, Nevada, the United States’ largest solar panel electrical plant went into service. Although this plant is located in Nevada, the power generated from this green facility goes to California.  Cali is on a mission to provide 20% of its energy via clean renewable technology.  GOOD for you Cali-for-n-i-a!  Fourteen thousand homes will benefit from the electricity generated.  Good, smart, forward thinking too since the Colorado River, which supplies the Hoover Dam, is drying up… Cali’s main source of electricity.  Las Vegas…take note!


You can bring some sun powered energy into your life too.  There are soooo many cool solar powered gadgets now to help you reduce your carbon footprint and get off the fossil fuel grid. Not only for the reason of being environmentally conscious, but portable solar panel items are good to have should the power go out.  With the effects of more disturbing climate changes bringing added weather woes, it’s good to have reliable back up source for power.  


Here are some examples!




Portable Solar Panel Generator

Good for tailgating, camping, outdoor parties, emergency home back up.  I want one of these!




Solar Powered Backpack.  Good for recharging your laptop!


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