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K’NAAN rose to mainstream popularity by participating in the 2008 BET Awards, Cypher. He’s emerged worldwide as one of the most profound and true voices of our generation. He holds 19 number one records across the world and most recently his music became the 2010 World Cup Coca-Cola official anthem. The song hit #1 in 19 countries, sold 3 million singles and received over 100 million YouTube views to date. ‘Up Close’ was directed by Matt Alonzo and Michael Busalacchi, Skee.TV.

Skee.TV decided to tag along with him and give a beautiful black and white look into what makes this man an artist. The documentary features in-depth interviews into the heart and head of K’naan as he kicks off his nationwide tour in New York, Boston & D.C. Part 3 concludes the series with footage taken in Boston. You can check out Part 1 & Part 2 HERE.

K’NAAN’s music video for his latest single off Troubadour, ‘Take a Minute’ will debut on Dec. 20 on Vevo.

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