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Lauren Conrad‘s still reeling from the success of her first novel, L.A. Candy, but that hasn’t stopped her from penning the second installment of her three-part fictional masterpiece. Sadly, you won’t be able to get your hands on Sweet Little Lies for another week or so (the book hits stores Feb 2nd), but die-hard fans can — and should! — peep an exclusive online preview at Check out these hot shots of LC showin’ off her future bestseller (in Vegas, baby, Vegas!) then read on for a droolworthy excerpt after the jump.

BONUS: Check out an excerpt from Lauren Conrad’s upcoming novel, Sweet Little Lies! (courtesy of


Just before 9 a.m. on Monday morning, Jane pulled into her usual parking spot behind Fiona Chen’s building. She turned off the engine and carefully searched the entire lot through the window. Good—no photographers. She’d had to fend off two of them outside the apartment earlier. They were so obnoxious, shouting questions at her about Braden and Jesse—’Jane, why did Braden move to New York?’ ‘Jane, what do you think of Jesse’s new girlfriend?’—and snapping picture after picture of her while she gritted her teeth and tried to ignore them. She hadn’t heard anything about Braden going to New York or Jesse having a new girlfriend. But she knew better than to talk to paparazzi.

Still . . . the thought of Braden and Jesse moving on without her, and so quickly, made her heart feel heavy. Neither had tried to contact her since the Gossip story broke. Obviously she hadn’t tried to contact them, either. She knew she had to at some point. She owed Braden an apology—for hooking up with him when she was so mixed-up about everything, and for inadvertently getting him involved in this whole mess. And she owed Jesse an even bigger apology. She had no idea how she could possibly make things right after cheating on him, and in front of the whole world, too.