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With only one more episode left for the Jersey Shore cast keeps us giggling in last night’s episode. JWoww creates a “hook up” board that makes us all cringe and Mike gets the escalade towed. But what would an episode of the Jersey Shore be without some drama and plenty of WTF?! Moments, so here they are!

Mike thinks parking rules DON’T apply to him. If the sign says NO PARKING, Mike parks the escalade there, but his parking rebellion finally caught up with him when he and Vinny went tanning. Mike parked in front a clearly stated signed that said “no parking tow zone,” and what does Mike do? He parks in the tow zone. Even though he and Vinny were only in the tanning salon for 10 minutes, the car was long gone by then. Mike and Vinny then walked all four corners of the earth to find the tow place and threw out a good chunk of change to get the beloved Escalade out of the pound. Guess he’ll look twice when trying to tan.



Pauly and Mike spray cologne their man parts! Yup! WTF?! Do guys really spray cologne on the penis before they smash? Hahaha. I hope not! But if they do, I guess there’s nothing wrong with a fresh genital area. Lol


Jenny created a “hook up” board. WHAT?! WTF?! Everyone needs to stop hooking up because CLEARLY they’ve all swapped spit and more from drunken hook ups. JWoww goes through who’s hooked up with who and comes to a gross conclusion that everyone has vicariously kissed or sexed each other through 1 degree of separation. Lol


The roof is on fire!!! Okay, not really, but Mike sure did set off the fire alarms when cooking Sunday dinner. LOL Since Mike claims to be such the chef you would think he wouldn’t be sendi