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I am honestly trying to wrap my mind around why bullying leading to suicides has become the “in thing” since children have been bullying one another for decades.


















Unemotionally and humbly I can’t help but ask is bullying really an excuse to take your life? I was a serious victim of bullying and teasing when I attended Fondren Middle School in Southwest Houston. I was extremely skinny, lanky, and dark so I was an easy target for jokes and pranks.


Just about every morning in 6th grade, during school breakfast, I found myself being picked on by four male students. At first I brushed it off as harmless until they started dumping me in one of the steel trashcans in front of the entire school. It happened so frequently it became a routine laugh at breakfast for classmates and it would be talked about throughout the day.


I was embarrassed and wanted to physically fight them but my small frame was no match for their size. I suffered in silence. I never told a teacher for fear of being called a snitch. I avoided them and others whenever I could.


At that time we stayed in the crime-ridden apartment complex literally right behind the school. I kissed my mother goodbye every morning, never telling her what was going on. I gave her no signals because I always kept a smile. However, I would start purposely walking slower than ever to school to arrive just before and right after the bell for first period class just to avoid the humiliation. The boys eventually started calling me a coward because they knew I was avoiding them.They were right, I felt like a coward inside.

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