The Daily Grind Video

Today we bring you a bunch of cool apps to make your daily lives a lot more fun. Take a look at these musical, social, fashionable apps.


What: GarageBand for iPad

Made By: Apple

What It Does: Now all the goods of GarageBand can be found on your iPad. It is packed with all of the instruments and tools that we see on our Macs. GarageBand for iPad basically creates a studio in your hands.

Whether you use this music generator for fun, or for a living, this app is for you.

Platform: iPad

How Much: $4.99, Get it on iTunes.


GarageBand for iPad.


What: WhatsApp Messenger

Made By: WhatsApp Inc.

What It Does: The cleverly titled WhatsApp Messenger aims to rid our worlds of texting, and give us the luxury of IM style messaging. You can also switch from SMS to WhatsApp to relieve yourself of texting overage fees. This app offers a group chat option, and allows you to send and receive messages, pics, audio, and video. We think it’s worth a try.

Platform: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Nokia

How Much: Free for the first year, and $1.99 for the next year. Download here.


WhatsApp Messenger.


What: H&M

Made By:, Inc

What It Does: Helps you to keep up with the trends and happenings of one of our favorite stores, H&M.

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

How Much: Free, download through iTunes.



H&M app.