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The well-respected Larry King is retiring from his show Larry King Live on CNN after 25 years on air.

Mr. Larry King has provided us with some of the most straight forward reporting; his interviews get down to business from question #1. With his suspenders on night to night, he’s become an icon. For journalists, he’s what one would consider an idol in the field. King does not plan on calling it quits quite yet on his career as a reporter, he plans on continue his reporting on CNN, but sticking to specials, and perhaps a focus on sports. I don’t expect anything less than great from King’s future endeavors and look forward to following him no matter where he goes. To honor his time doing Larry King Live, we put together 5 of his most memorable moments on the show. Take a look and let us know which moment sticks out most to you!

Farewell Larry King

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Interview with Hulk Hogan, where he talks depression.


Interview with Chris Brown, where he opens up about the incident with Rihanna.


Interview with Dr. Jan Adams, where the interview doesn’t go as planned.

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