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It’s a touchy subject, the N-word. Some people are offended by it and think it should never be used, while others use it as a term of endearment and love (to each their own). Even celebrities are familiar with the word, as it’s constantly being used in rap music, by comedians in stand-up routines and, in certain movies. Although people feel different about the word and some may not get offended, it’s never pretty when a celebrity uses the N word. Check out some cases where these famous folks got a little too free with their speech.


Paris Hilton

In this video, Paris and her sister Nicki, were at a party, dancing to some Notorious B.I.G., and appear to behaving a good time. They both seem a little intoxicated, so maybe the liquor got the best of them, but I doubt Biggie’s ‘Hypnotize’ verse was the reason Paris felt she and her sister ‘Were like 2 N***ers.’ Check for yourself around the 2:44 mark.


Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman

This one’s quite ironic. Bounty hunter Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman was recorded on the phone talking to his son about how he uses the N word, and he doesn’t want to get caught using the N word. Too bad this tape of him saying the N word got leaked. Check out the phone call for yourself.


Michael ‘Kramer’ Richards

Michael ‘Kramer’ Richards, known best from his role on Seinfeld, was performing at a comedy show one night when some hecklers in the crowd started to taunt him. He then shouted @ them, ‘It’s a n****r! It’s a n****r!’ Kramer caught a lot of backlash for his racist rant, and caused Seinfeld to lose many fans, including myself.


Kim Zolciak

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