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Being married is one thing, but being married to one of the most notable hip-hop icons in the world is a whole other entity. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely has its rewards, but all the material possessions and perks in the world can never make up for the time and affection lost in the spotlight. My husband and I have been friends since high school, not only are we soul mates but he is my best friend. Us having that bond makes the tours and workload that much easier.

Through the years i’ve learned to be strong and handle all aspects of our marriage, from groupies, homies, media, to the nights spent alone. Through it all I feel blessed, seeing the smiles on our three children’s faces is the best thing that could ever come out of our marriage.



Through our children we see ourselves, they remind us so much of each other and because of that we can’t help but want to maintain the love we have. Due to Snoop’s brutal work schedule, I’m not only their mother but at times I’m forced to play the father role as well. This arrangement works for us, he does his part and I do mine, and with that our family is stronger than ever. Family always comes first.


After 13 years of marriage and raising our 3 children, I feel my time has come to focus on Shante. I’m currently revamping and expanding my company Boss Lady Entertainment, I recently launched my website and opened a dance and recording studio, The Lady Lounge. With the support of my husband and family, I feel I am more ready now than ever. When you enjoy doing what you love, success will come easy. Motherhood and being a wife will always be my main priority. So many women approach me all the time asking how do I maintain my marriage and career so I feel now is the time to re-introduce Boss Lady to the world and share my experiences and tips on how I make all of this work.



I also feel that with all that God has blessed our family with, it is important for us to lend our voice to various charitable causes. I recently joined forces with Lupus LA, something that I am so proud of because it allows me to teach my children the importance of giving back while also spreading awareness for this deadly disease in urban communities. Unfortunately, Lupus affects us African American women the most and I just want us all to become more aware of this disease, know the symptoms to look out for an how to fight it.